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Thought SOMEONE might be interested in seeing where my hard work has gone. ‘Cause we all know it sure ain’t been housework! This place is a hell-hole! My bathroom is scaring me. But that’s neither here nor there. Right here, right now, to quote Jesus Jones (Hullo! Showing my age. y’all!),is this FAAAAAABULOUS blanketa. Blanketa is not a Spanish word, but it should be. Say it out loud. See how nicely it flows? Can you tell I’ve had coffee tonight?

Don’t tell me that don’t look good. I will hit your mother in the mouth, sucka. To date I’ve made 25 of these squares. That’s 55 to go. I may get suicidal if I dwell on that number too long. This will be an outside edge. I plan on making a duplicate of this stripe for the other outside edge so that it will match. I haven’t got the inner color scheme worked out yet, it’s just what I can find in the BIG BOX ‘O CRAP YARN that I received from my husband’s business partner. He obtained said box from his dad’s old lady girlfriend who decided she liked drinking more than knitting. Can’t say I blame her at this point. At least if my wrists suffer the repetitive strain, my liver will still function! Silver lining, gotta keep looking for it, kids. Next post I will take a picture of the box. It’s so big you dive in it. I wouldn’t recommend it, though. It is pretty musty. First task after blanket is all sewn up is to WASH THE HOLY HELL out of it. This blanket is going to be huge. The original pattern called for some type of cotton yarn on size 6 needles. I’m making mine on size 10 using standard Red Heart type yarn. It’s already as long as me and super warm. Just what I need for my 80 year old house this winter.

We had a knitting get together tonight at Teapouro. I’m finding the more I hang out with Dee Anna the more we are scarily alike. As in that’s a good thing. Someone has to keep the snark torch lit. We are the girls to do it. Was great to see everyone else. We have a good group. If you’re in Lawrence, and want to knit with us, shoot us a message! We would love to have you, provided you can hang.

Listening to the Crystal Skulls Blocked Numbers album right now. I would encourage you to obtain a copy. It is SOOOO good.

Peace out, sisters!



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Frugal or fruity?

I have nothing much new on the needles to write about.  Alas, there has only been more blanket knitting.  I am strongly considering taking a hat making break though.  It is getting cold here and my head is suffering.  Here is a blanket progress pic.

I keep waffling back and forth between which color combo I like better.  Today I am leaning toward the red one.  I think if I were to knit a blanket-that-never-ends for myself I would use medium/dark blue and a pale green.  (Don’t worry, I am not really considering making a third.)

Back to the post title.  I have found a new money saving trick.  Although technically it is a reused idea of my grandma’s*.  I have started diluting my conditioner.  I know it sounds odd, but hear me out.  I figure most days I use way too much conditioner for my hair (especially since I cut it fairly short recently) so I needed to try to start using less.  I first tried to change my hair washing habits.  This did not work.  I think while washing my hair I am on automatic pilot because I always seem to notice too late that I have too much conditioner in my hand.  Well today I solved that problem by saving my old conditioner bottle, pouring half of the new bottle into the old one, and adding water to fill both.  TADA!  Now I will use less without thinking about it and save money.  Granted I buy conditioner about once every 2 months and never spend very much money on it, but money saved is money saved.  That and oddly enough I like my runny watered down conditioner better.

*Grandma diluted her conditioner when I was a kid and I am pretty sure she still does, but I had forgotten about that until I thought of it myself.  I am not sure where she learned it, for all I know it may be a common practice.

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I have to say that I really like my friends.  I know that seems obvious being that they are my friends, but we always have such a good time.  We had a movie night (I bet no one can guess which movie we watched.)  I am thankful to have a group of fun people who understand my wacky sense of humor.  They also tolerate my talking over movies.

On the knitting front, I have finished blanket one from my holiday knitting list.  It is made using 4 balls of Cotton Fleece (2 light purple, 2 dark purple.)  I used size 8 needles and ran out of yarn before finishing the pattern, but is a blanket and no one will ever notice.

I am currently working on blanket two which is red and cream version of the same pattern as above.  This pattern is OpArt from the Fall ’08 Knitty.  I saw this blanket and knew that I must knit it ASAP.  Thankfully, Christmas was far enough away to hopefully crank out two of these bad boys for my two nieces.  Unless something drastic happens on the knitting front I am well ahead of finishing them in time.  I try not to tell myself that too often though.  I am afraid if I think that there is enough time I will cast on for something for myself.  This is not a good plan because I also have some secret holiday knitting to do.   Although I did just purchase some pretty blue wool.  It is for a hat for myself that would be super quick.  I mean come on, I am a knitter without a hat.  I should cast on for one right away, right?

To distract myself I will look at pictures of my two favorite little girls.  I just came back from visiting and I miss them terribly.  Here we all are:

Maybe if I put this picture next to the blanket pattern and also by my new yarn I will remember why I am knitting these blankets that never end.

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I am currently working on the mitered square blanket from the Mason Dixon knitting book.

As the title of this post suggests, I am conflicted about this project. It takes me an hour and a half to make 1 (one!) square. It takes 80 (eighty!eighty!eighty!eighty!) squares to make this freakin’ blanket. I’m starting to think that this project will be thrown aside (atop the entertainment center, where all projects go to die…) and never see completion. Some people’s houses are haunted by ghosts, mine is haunted by the ghosts of projects past. I seriously cannot remember the last project I completed. It might have been my pink tote bag I sewed (with liner!). But this, sadly is a short lived victory, as I really need to redo the straps, but am too lazy to make the effort.

Everyone likes lists! This is scientific fact!

Projects resting above my TV currently: (in order of oldest)

1: Warm Up America quilt (This was a group project that I was in charge of. All it needs is 2 ends woven in and to call the domestic violence shelter to donate. I am too lazy to do this.)

2: pocket to sew on apron (That is completed! Except that cursed pocket!)

3: Butterfly tea towel to embroider

4: Dress to sew for daughter. (At this point it’s the wrong season and she’ll be too big for it once I figure out the pattern.)

All this concludes that to be successful at crafting it’s probably best if you don’t have some kind of attention deficit disorder. I fear I shall never be successful. To be clear, this doesn’t even mention the projects hid away in plastic tubs or sitting on the nightstand in the bedroom. So we’re talking another 10, at least.

Dee Anna was over tonight to watch Biggest Loser. Or as I like to call it, the best show in the history of television. It was a good time. Afterward, I ate a bunch of ice cream and jalapeno potato chips with guacamole dip. Apparently lesson UNLEARNED!

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I have decided that Lora should be part of this blog.  I imagine that it will be a wonderful addition considering I never get around to posting.  I will hopefully have more time to add some actual content later.

Look, knitting:

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