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B-day preview

I have been able to do a little crafting lately, I made Lora a birthday present.  I spent no money and used supplies (mine and my mothers) I already had.  Lora will appreciate this, I know.  The problem is that I now have to wait until June to give this gift and I am a terrible secret keeper.  I should be taking bets on how long it will be until I can’t help myself and give the gift early.  To take some of the stress off I am posting a picture (although obscured through technology) of part of the gift.


There, now I feel better.


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I have been thinking about knitting way too much lately and a comment that Audrey made on a previous post about wearing pretty things prompted me to ask:  How often do you wear something hand knit?  Daily?  Weekly?  Is it something you knit?  Something someone knit for you?

I have a real problem with actually wearing the items I have knit for myself.  This winter I wore my Shiny Cowl a whole bunch, I have also worn my Central Park Hoodie a few times, but everything else I have made gets limited wear.

It is usually one of two reasons that something knit gets shelved:

  1. I hate it.
  2. I love it.

Reason one means that I don’t like the way it looks on me.

Reason two is a little more complicated, basically  I love it and don’t want to ruin it.  I can’t wear my hand knits to work because I would destroy them (all of my work clothes have holes.)  I get home from work, shower and then put on my knits to wear for 3 hours at home?  Nope.

This leaves the weekends/special weeknights.  As I get dressed and consider putting on something I have made I run through a sort of check list:  Will I be exerting myself? I don’t want to sweat in something I have knit and need to wash it immediately.  Will I be getting dirty? I don’t want to get my knit dirty and need to wash it more than gently.  Will I be eating? I am a messy person and always spilling something, stains are a huge fear for my hand knitting.

Needless to say most days don’t seem to be good ones for wearing my knits.

A few months ago I made a resolution to wear a knitted item at least once a week.  I am going to try and do that again.  Why else would I knit something if not to wear it?  Hand knitted sweater wall art?  We’ll see how it goes.

For fun, my CPH:


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more fair isle

My Fair Isle plans are progressing slowly.  I have read another history/technique/pattern book that I thought I would write a little about.

The book is Ann Feitelson’s The Art of Fair Isle Knitting: History, Technique, Color & Patterns.  I read and enjoyed the historical information although much of it was a repeat.  The techniques described were helpful, particularly the part about how maintaining the positions (either over or under) of the pattern and background yarn will help the work look even.  After reading the options on holding two colors in one or two hands I am contemplating trying two colors in one hand and one in each to see which is better for me.  Everything I have read so far recommends using both hands, but I have no idea what will work better for me.  Does anyone have suggestions?

The most interesting chapter was the one regarding color.  The author comes from an art background so she uses color theory to help decide which colors to choose.  I found the chapter informative and agreed with a lot of the ideas, but I disagreed a little too and will probably continue to use the colors the way I like (who me? stubborn?)  Until I knit a swatch using the actual yarn it is hard to say what I will like best.

I am still very excited about project and hope to share a couple more pattern ideas soon.

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I remember

I swear blog, that I do remember you.  I think about posting and updating all the time.  I could list all the really awesome excuses I have for not actually doing so but I don’t think anyone wants to hear them.

I am still not able to knit and it is driving me a little (or a lot) crazy by now.  I have been doing other craft projects (Lora’s b-day present) and can’t show that to everyone yet for obvious reasons.  I am really excited about it.  Lora – you are going to love it! (I hope)

A quick plug again for my brother’s survey.  It is hanging out over there in the links.  The survey is on  sustainability.  If you have not already taken it, please do.

I have been charting my fair isle patterns in a spreadsheet now.  It goes faster and is less strain on my back, but I have to figure out how to make them available to look at here.  I really want to buy yarn to swatch so I can start with the sweater math, but I am going to wait.  I still have not decided what the pattern will be.

And just so there is a knitting picture.  My Phyllo Yoked Sweater from Knitting Nature by Norah Gaughan (an old project but all I have right now.)  Ravelry info here.


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