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Wisconsin Trip

I had a great time in WI this year.  I got to see a lot of family that I have missed the last few trips.  I am terrible about taking pictures on trips.  I bring my camera but forget to take it out and actually take photos.

Here is what I have.  This is my mother and my niece, Izzy (Isabelle), frosting my birthday cupcakes.  They were chocolate cake flavor with chocolate chips and chocolate icing.  Mmmmmmm.  Perfect.




Here is a random cute shot of my other niece, Evie (Evelyn).  I love that face she makes.  For anyone wondering, those are my feet.


Bath time was great fun.


I noticed the younger niece likes to eat soap bubbles.


I thought for sure she would quit after tasting the bubbles, but she just kept shoving them into her mouth.  Oh well, I was responsible for the first time her older sister ate dirt too.


This picture was taken after Izzy and Grandpa(my dad) found a large hole in my grandparents back yard and decided it needed to be filled in.


I had a great time and hope to get pictures from my mom and sister to fill in the gaps.


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I didn’t forget it, I celebrated it in my heart. Dee Anna is in Wisconsin for almost another week. I am furiously working on a present that is no where near as cool as those pillows she made me. She will probably HATE this present, but I am making it anyway. I am persistent.

Why I love Dee Anna reasons*:

1. The day we met, we hit it off

2. We laugh at our mean-spirited humor

3. The same things annoy us. RE: LATENESS

4. She is always prompt (see above)

5. We are perfectly compatible hotel roomies

6. There’s no one I’d rather walk through a giant glass dome with than her.

7. She chose Jacob over Edward too.

8. Everything she knits is BEAUTIFUL and makes me jealous.

*There are a lot more reasons than 8, but I am trying to watch children and type this at the same time.

I love you, Dee Anna! I hope you had a great birthday! See you soon!

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Ode* to Lora

Today is a very important day folks.  It is Lora’s birthday!  I thought I would show some Lora appreciation today in list form.

Why Lora is the best: (in no particular order)

  1. She has excellent personal hygiene.
  2. She is the world’s best carpool buddy (see #1.)
  3. She watches The Biggest Loser.
  4. She is really funny.
  5. More importantly, she thinks I am funny.
  6. Due to parenting skills and genetics she has two awesome daughters.
  7. She joined this blog with me and made it better.
  8. She encourages me to take more (and longer) walks.
  9. She is tough and therefore can defend me if ever necessary.
  10. She sings in the car and whenever else the mood strikes.

I could go on, but I hope some of you will add to the list and be sure to wish Lora Happy Birthday.

For all those who were curious here is a pic of the birthday present I made for her.


A crappy photo I know, I cross stitched the front panels and sewed them into pillows (with help from my mother, I am not a seamstress.)

*I can’t write poems so my ode will be in prose.

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Cookie Time!

Ok, so Evie is home for the summer and the challenge has been how to keep this hyperactive child entertained without setting the house on fire, taking candy from strangers, or getting picked up by the police. Yesterday we baked cookies from the 1957 cookbook (which is in reprint) Betty Crocker’s Cookbook for Boys and Girls. Evie received the book from my mom for her birthday. The book has lots of cute ideas. My mom said she had the same book when she was growing up and she learned to cook from it. My mom is an awesome cook, so I thought this was a great idea. Teach this kid to give me a break in the kitchen!!!

We made Paintbrush Cookies. It’s a simple dough recipe you roll out and cut with your favorite cookie cutters. Then you take an egg yoke, mix it with 1/4 tsp water and divide it into separate cups and add desired food coloring. Paint the food coloring onto the cookies before they are baked, add sprinkles and pop into the oven! Ready in about 8-10 minutes. Picture time!

My offspring.

My offspring.

Artist at work

Artist at work.

Evie's cookies before baking.

Evie's cookies before baking.

Mine before baking.

Mine before baking.

Evie's cookies finished and cooling down.

Evie's cookies finished and cooling down.

Mine got a little too brown. Bummer. But they tasted good!

Mine got a little too brown. Bummer. But they tasted good!

We had a great time. Come over and make some cookies with us sometime!

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Dress Form Test Run

I almost have my duct tape dress form stuffed.  It has taken me longer than I anticipated because I had to retape the back seam 3 times.  A helpful hint to others, put plenty of tape on the seam.

Here she is, stuffed with no bottom:


I finished knitting a sweater last August and have worn it a few times but not taken any pics.  I really like this sweater, it is a top down raglan with some seed stitch details that I designed.

This pic has the accurate color but the seed stitch is hard to see.


A close up of the front (although not the right color).


Sleeve and bottom edge details.


Project Details:

Pattern – my own

Yarn – Lyndon Hill (4 balls)

Needles – US 4

I really like this yarn color, it is very bright, but when washed for the first time it bled some.  All in all a great project.

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