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First FO of 2009

Part of me is depressed and part of me is excited that this is the first knitted item I have finished this year.  I don’t know if anyone has noticed but it is JULY!  Yikes.  Oh well, small victories, right?

Anyhow, in order to fulfill my desire to knit for some expectant friends and actually finish something I started a baby sweater on size 10.5 needles.  It went fairly quickly.  The yarn is some mystery cotton/acrylic blend from my grandmother.  I have no idea where the ball band is currently, but I know the yarn is machine washable.  I try to give gifts for babies that can be machine washed.

Here it is……………


Of course that is my duct tape self holding up the sweater.

It was knit from the bottom up with garter stitch edges, the sleeves knit in the round and joined to the body to finish the garter stitch yoke.  The pattern was just a guess as you go type knit so hopefully it will fit a baby.


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I mentioned in the previous post how much I love, love, love the Yarn Barn sidewalk sale.  Well this year was fantastic for many reasons.

First, Lora, her kids, and Steph were able to meet me and help make executive yarn decisions.  Special thanks to Evie for choosing the red, it really was the best choice.

Second, the weather was spectacular.  The city wide sidewalk sale is the 3rd Thursday in July, which in KS is usually means it is mind meltingly hot and humid.  This morning was a pleasant exception.

Third, I got some great yarn and came in $1.25 under my birthday money.  AWESOME.


The color in that photo is pretty accurate.  Its night time photography with a flash, so, meh.  Anyhow, the yarn is Blue Sky Sport Weight 100% Alpaca in the Scarlet color.  I now own ten 110 yard balls of this lovely stuff.  It is destined to be sweater someday.

A close up of the lovely soft yarn.  It is very lofty and squishy.


While at the Yarn Barn I ran into quite a few people I knew (surprise, surprise.)  Another account of the sale and pics of the amazing yarn bounty Sally acquired are here.

The best part of the day for me was when I returned from work I had a message from my mother that she was at the sale and had just missed me (the message was from 8:20am.)  I called her back to explain that when I arrived early the tables were already set up so Steph, Lora and I had all made our purchases and left by 8:15 (Thanks in no small part to some lovely peer pressure.  I would have decided eventually on my own, maybe.)  My mom told me that she wanted to see the pretty orange yarn I had bought.  I asked her how she knew what I had and she mumbled something about spies.  When pressed she admitted that one of the salespeople recognized her, remembered she was my mother and what yarn I had picked up and told her.  Nice.

Now everyone else needs to post pretty yarn pics.

PS – I am sorely tempted to start knitting (haha) with my yarn right away so I stuck it in a ziploc and tucked it away hoping that “out of sight, out of mind” will actually work.  A sad picture.  Goodbye for now my new friend.  You’ll like the cedar chest, I promise.


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Other Cat

I feel after the last post that my second cat is left out so here she is.


I also like this pic.


To answer Lisa, my cats really do not have names.  The one above came home with the name Angel and the other was called Mama, both names given at the Humane Society.  Neither name has really stuck and I spent the first year I had them trying to give new names.  I still have nothing, they each have plenty of nicknames but no official name.

Also, a side note, this Thursday is the most wonderful day of the year.  It is the sidewalk sale in Lawrence, which means the Yarn Barn is having a sale.  I have 2 gift certificates to spend and a little of my own cash.  I can’t wait!!!!  Anyone who knows me well has heard me go on and on about this sale.  I try to buy yarn for my self only twice a year at the 2 Yarn Barn sales, so these days are really a big deal for me.  The sale starts at 8am, I will probably be there at 7:50am.  Hope to see you there!

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Double Tag

I suppose I do need to post more, so I am going to play along.

Both Audrey and Lisa “tagged” me for some picture thingy.  Click their names for more explanation and their pictures.

This is the first folder, 10th picture.


This is my cat.  I have tried to hide my crazy cat person nature for the most part but I do have to admit that almost everyone who knows me predicts that in the future I will indeed be a crazy cat lady.  Oh well, there are worse things.  I only have two right now.  That is a reasonable number.  I have been seeing kittens everywhere lately and resisted bringing them home with me.  It is really really hard though.

I had meant to take a pic of my fav knitting bag but not surprisingly it is covered in cat hair.  I will wash it and take pics soon.

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