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Second FO 2009

I have just finished another baby item.  It is a vest of my own design.  I took notes, but have not looked at them to see how detailed they are.  I start a project with nice easy to follow notes and by the end the writing and abbreviations are so cryptic I can’t decipher them, and I wrote them.  Yikes!


The vest is a 2×2 rib.  The cable twists are done every other  row and are staggered.  I knit this in the round to the arm holes, so:

Row 1: K2, P2, Twist2, P2

Row 2: K2, P2, K2, P2

Row 3: Twist2, P2, K2, P2

Row 4: K2, P2

The back:


At first I intended to add some ribbing around the arm holes and neck edge but I decided that 2×2 ribbing would look funny and I didn’t have enough yarn to continue the twisting pattern.  I just did one row of single crochet to finish the edges.

Close up of the neck:


These pictures were taken while the vest was blocking, to stretch the rib I stuffed it with plastic bags while it dried.  The yarn is Perfection by Kraemer Yarns 30% Domestic Merino 70% acrylic, which is machine washable.  Always a plus for baby wear.  I hope this will fit a 6-12 month old?  Babies vary so much so who knows?


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Cat sitting

I have been neglecting this blog and I know it.  I am going to try harder to post more often (I say that a lot, but we’ll see how it goes.)

I have some kitty pictures I need to share.  Last week I had the fun of watching Stephanie’s cats while she was on vacation.  I have looked in on her cats for her a couple of times now and I think the kitties are really starting to like me (I am the one that feeds them.)  I thought they were cute so I took some pictures to show off.


Isn’t she sweet?


I couldn’t get a better shot because the cat never quits moving and only held still while eating.

I really like vising Steph’s cats and enjoy having two extra cats to pet.  (Have I mentioned before that I will someday be a crazy cat lady?)  Steph was kind enough to pick up some WI(yeah!) yarn as a thank you and I LOVE it.


The yarn was spun at Blackberry Ridge Woolen Mill, Inc. It is lace weight, 25% silk/75% wool in the color Mallard.  The color is pretty much my favorite color and the photo is a touch blurry because it shows the true color best.  I am not sure what to do with my 350yds but I welcome suggestions.

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