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Nothing new

There is nothing all that new to talk about on the knitting front.  Just thought I would update everyone on the sweater that never ends (sing the song with me, every time I say “the sweater that never ends” I start humming in my head.)  I have been making slow progress on the sleeves.  I keep measuring and measuring to see if I can start the raglan shaping, while unsuccessfully trying to talk myself into 3/4 length sleeves.  I know that I really want full length sleeves.  And I like my sleeves extra long so, I keep knitting.

Another big road block I already see coming is the neck finishing.  Most recently I had intended to make a fairly long kind cowly turtle neck type thing.  I am currently questioning that logic.  The less neck to knit the faster it will be done.  I am really not sure which side of me will win that battle.

I have picked my next project and was thinking I could get away with swatching a little bit to break the monotony, but I need the exact needles I am using now for the sweater that never ends.  I am very tempted to go buy another set of size 4s.  I need to have another cable length in 4s, right?






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vacation pictures

I just got back from a week of vacation with my sister and her family in Maryland.  I always forget to take as many pictures as I should but here are some of my favs.

Here is Evie in action.  We were outside running through the leaves.  I tried to get shots of the older children but they run too fast.


Izzy in her Jayhawk outfit.


This is Evie on her Rockin’ Moose, practically her favorite toy.  When you ask her to “cheese” for the camera this is the face she makes.


Izzy and I got to do some arts and crafts.


Both girls love to read books.  Here we all are reading.


I took my knitting with me but managed to not knit even one stitch while away.  I did read a couple good books though.  Hopefully the sweater that never ends will get worked on some this week.

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My mother the model

Mom loves it when I show up with newly finished knitted items for her.  She is not a big fan of the camera that comes too.  She is a good sport though.  Here are the photos I took of her in the new Eyelet Cardigan.





During our photo shoot mom kept asking if her head was in the shots.

Yup, it was.


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The cardigan for my mother is finished (except for sewing on the buttons but I am calling it close enough.)  I am very very pleased with how it turned out.  I showed it to mom yesterday when we went button shopping and although the second sleeve was not attached she said she loved it.  We went to Sarah’s here in Lawrence, a great fabric store, but also they have a huge selection of buttons.  We found what we wanted right away and they are PERFECT!  The color of the button is almost the color of the dark flecks in the yarn and they are very pretty too.


All the buttons:


Some photos on the duct tape me, the first one is way out of focus, sorry.



Project Details:

Pattern – Eyelet Cardigan by Alison Williams

Yarn – Jo Sharp Silkroad Aran Tweed

Needles – US size 8

Modifications – I knit this in the round to the arm holes and added 3.75″ of length to the pattern.  I knit less ribbing on the sleeves and more of the eyelet pattern but made them approx. the right length.  I made  the neck and button bands narrower due to yarn constraints.  I also used 7 small buttons.

When first discussing this pattern Mom said she wanted the sleeves and body as long as possible.  In an effort to use all the yarn I did not have enough to knit the button bands as wide as the pattern calls for, but you may have noticed I am no slave to pattern instructions.  I think I even like the narrow button band better, it seems more delicate/dressy?  Here is the yarn I had left next to a 2′ ruler.


I think that is about 8′ of yarn left.  I really could not have cut it much closer.

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