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I am very excited.  I have something new.

The packaging leaves a little to be desired but….

My new glasses are here!  I am so very excited.  I love them; they have no tape, don’t wobble when I am trying to focus and don’t fall off my face every 10 minutes.  Perfect!

I really like the color of the frames, kind of a brownish red tortoiseshell coloring.  I think an even better feature for me that the back of the frames are green.  I don’t know why I like that so much, you can’t see it when they are on, but I really enjoy it.

Here is a slightly fuzzy close up of the colors.

I also have taken photos of the baby project I finished and will hopefully give it away this weekend so I can show it off here.


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The sweater that ended

I have been calling this project the sweater that never ends, well that is finally untrue.  It is finished!  I was weaving in ends the night of the party but that was due to procrastination.  I could have had it finished a couple weeks ago.  I have not posted pictures because I keep meaning to take some of me in the sweater.  That has not happened yet so here are a couple on the duct tape me.

The revised neckline, it was soooooooo much quicker this way and I really like the result.

I knit a new baby gift last week but because I have not given it yet I will hold off on posting photos.

Oh and I look like a total goon lately.

Yup, those are my glasses.  I snapped them in half on Friday.  That would be electrical tape holding them together.  Stylish!

Thankfully the eye doctor was able to do a quick check on my eyes Saturday (my prescription changes every year so I needed to check it before buying new lenses) then with the help of my mother and a really nice staff person I was able to pick out some new frames.  Hopefully I will have them by the end of the week.

I do intend to get some photos of the new sweater on me soon.  I think it looks better on someone with a head and arms.

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