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Evie’s Dress

I have no idea where to start on posting about my recent knitting but feel like I should say something so I decided on a random preview.

This dress is a present for my niece Evie’s 2nd birthday.  Her birthday is not until July so I am ahead of schedule for once.  The dress is in Berroco’s Cotton Twist with seed stitch borders and neat tucks at the waist.  I have written the pattern for 3 sizes and should have it posted on Ravelry by the end of the week.

A side note:  I have now posted the Shiny Cowl pattern as a free ravelry download here.


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lost readers

I know that no one is checking my humble little corner of the intertubes anymore, but I am FINALLY back online at home and have about 90 bazillion knitting things to show everyone (No, I am not prone to exaggeration, why do you ask?)

Unfortunately my house is a wreck and I must put it back to order before pictures and posts will be of anything interesting.  Check back soon, I have many cool things to show off (I am not arrogant either.)

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