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my birthday

I turned 30 a couple days ago and I have to say I have the coolest friends ever!

We had a little get together on my b-day and I came home with this:

Well, not the beer bottle but Lora did make the kick ass cozy for me (I think she will make a set of 4 for $20, let me know if you want some.)

The card had a subscription to Interweave Knits inside, which is something I really want, but never buy for myself.

I think the card is perfect for me too.

The last gift is another that I have wanted for a long time but never purchased.

Yup, a really cute blue needle gauge.  They have them right by the cash register at the Yarn Barn and it is hard to not pick one up.  Thanks to Emily over at Fayaway Knits I now own one.  I have a strong desire to put this on a chain and wear it as a necklace, then I will always have it with me.   The problem is I don’t wear jewelry so I think it will probably go on my key chain instead.

See I told you I have great friends.  Thanks again everyone.


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Birthday theme

Today is Lora’s birthday.  I know she has been missing on the blog for quite a while (how dare she have a life that does not revolve around the internet/this blog!) but regardless, Happy Birthday!

The other birthday is my niece’s.  Actually her b-day is not until the first week in July, but because I saw her last week I gave her the present I made early.  You all may recognize it, eventually.

Her elder sister (Izzy)  helped me wrap the gift while the younger (Evie) was sleeping and as soon as the nap was over the gift was given.  I think the excitement is because of the wrapping paper in the photo above.  The next photo shows some confusion, I am pretty sure she has no idea what it is supposed to be.

I told her it was a dress and she had to put it on immediately……….by herself, and not totally successfully.

She finally let me help her but an almost 2 yr old is a moving target and hard to photograph.

She held still while trying to help her mom take a photo for a second.

This next photo doesn’t really show the dress but is really cute in my opinion.

Overall the gift was a success, Evie wanted to wear the dress again after taking it off the first time so that is a plus and I am lucky to have such a cute model for my hand knits.

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