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After finishing my gift knitting early I needed a new project to work on at knit group.  I decided on slippers.  I found this free pattern and used Patons SWS yarn that I already owned to make these.

It was a really quick knit and now my feet are warm.

The only problem is now I need to find something else to knit for knit group.  I have a sock and sweater to finish but I think they would be better car knitting (I have two 12 hr car trips in my near future.)  I have already swatched for two projects and cast on for one (I am trying to talk myself out of casting on for the other.)  I hope I am not getting too much started and not enough finished.


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Christmas knitting finished

My Christmas knitting is done.  I was not overly ambitious this year, I knit only two items.

I made sweaters for my nieces.

Here they are blocking.

I realize that I am the crazy aunt who knits matching sweaters for holidays, but who cares?  Not me.

I hope to have modeled shots in the new year.

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