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first socks for me

I know that it took awhile, I refuse to go back and look exactly when I finished the first sock.   Finally, here they are, 2 Sea Turtle Socks.

This is actually the first pair of socks I have made for myself.  I have made a few pairs for other people and some slippers but now I have socks.  I am actually wearing them right now.

Also, I will have a new cowl pattern up soon.  Here is a pic of the Soft Cowl.

A close up of the texture.

The best word I have come up with to describe how I feel about the look of the pattern is “organic” which I hate, a lot.  It seems so…. pretentious, maybe?  I am not sure the word I am looking for but that it as close as I can get.

The pattern is written but I need some photos and formatting to make it look nice, so it will be here soon.


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