Christmas knitting finished

My Christmas knitting is done.  I was not overly ambitious this year, I knit only two items.

I made sweaters for my nieces.

Here they are blocking.

I realize that I am the crazy aunt who knits matching sweaters for holidays, but who cares?  Not me.

I hope to have modeled shots in the new year.


It fits!

I know I have been negligent here and have only two pictures to share.  Hopefully more to follow soon.

goodbye old purse

A heads up to all readers interested in only knitting.  This is not the post for you.  Today’s post is going to commemorate an old friend, my turtle purse.

I have always rebelled against purses.  If it can’t fit in my pockets I don’t need it, right?  After getting a car and check book and such a purse became necessary.  I have owned 3 purses in my life (well now 4 but more on that later.)  My most recent purse (I have had is for about 4-5yrs) is now being replaced.  Here is a picture of my turtle purse.

The color is accurate in the first photo, but here is a close up of the big turtle and turtle strap:

About 1.5 yrs ago the inside pocket zipper broke on the turtle purse, which is very inconvenient.  So I went through my mom’s fabric stash and found some great fabric for a new purse.  I drew a picture of what I wanted and gave it to my mother to make.  I just got my new purse last week and I LOVE it!

The lining fabric matched perfectly.  There is also a blue floral pocket inside.

Here is a close up of the texture of the outer fabric.

I really really liked the turtle purse and I am sad to see it go, but I also think my newest purse is my best one yet.  It helps that I gave my old purse to my nieces for dress up and I think they will enjoy it too.

Seriously, my mom is the coolest, ever.

home again

I am back from my WI trip and I have quite a few things to share, but I will start with the cowls for my grandmothers.

I gave this cowl to my grandma and the next day she was wearing it (I take that as a good sign.)  I told her I was going to put her picture on the internet, she didn’t look enthusiastic about the idea but didn’t tell me I couldn’t.

I love that you can see her knitting in her lap.

Later we were both knitting together and I had my mom take  a picture.

I gave my other grandmother her cowl and I think she liked it.  She modeled it without my needing to ask, which was great.  For some reason she also seemed to think her picture on the internet was not a good idea, but she did not explicitly tell me not to post it.

I came up with two similar lace patterns for each cowl but gave them away before taking detailed photos.  I have the patterns written up and may post them here for free but I hate knitting things without pics so maybe I’ll have to get a little creative.

I also went yarn shopping, finished some swatching and forgot to take good pictures of my newest top while I was wearing it, but more on all that later.


I have finished both cowls for my grandmothers.  This is great, but now I need something to knit in the car for my trip to WI.  I am working on getting my new projects together for traveling.  In the mean time, here is a photo of my latest knits after a bath.

From left to right: Grandma F.’s cowl, Bottoms Up, Grandma R.’s cowl.

I will have more info and better photos soon.


I have just finished the summer top I was knitting and really meant to have a photo to show, but I don’t.

I also have been trying to finish up the first hand knitted pair of socks for myself, but that is also a fail.  Instead I got this great idea to knit cowls for both my grandmothers.  I would really like to be done in time to give them in person in the middle of July, but we shall see if that happens.  If not I can show them both the progress while I am visiting Wisconsin.

Also, I put in a couple small garden beds this spring, and…….

my hostas are blooming!

my birthday

I turned 30 a couple days ago and I have to say I have the coolest friends ever!

We had a little get together on my b-day and I came home with this:

Well, not the beer bottle but Lora did make the kick ass cozy for me (I think she will make a set of 4 for $20, let me know if you want some.)

The card had a subscription to Interweave Knits inside, which is something I really want, but never buy for myself.

I think the card is perfect for me too.

The last gift is another that I have wanted for a long time but never purchased.

Yup, a really cute blue needle gauge.  They have them right by the cash register at the Yarn Barn and it is hard to not pick one up.  Thanks to Emily over at Fayaway Knits I now own one.  I have a strong desire to put this on a chain and wear it as a necklace, then I will always have it with me.   The problem is I don’t wear jewelry so I think it will probably go on my key chain instead.

See I told you I have great friends.  Thanks again everyone.