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In order to jump-start my blog (HA!) I am going to try to participate in Knitting and Crochet Blog Week again this year.  Info on the event is here.

Day 1 Topic – A Tale of Two Yarns

The suggestion for this topic is to pick a yarn that you loved and one that you didn’t.  I am not such a good follower of instructions so instead I am picking two yarns that I desperately want to own.

Quince & Co. – Yarn 1 is actually a newish yarn company.  I tried to narrow it down to one yarn but they all look so amazing.  I want to try this yarn so badly.  I love the colors, I love the names, I love the story (here), I love that it is a US based yarn and I really want to support that if possible.

SHELTER – Yarn 2 is also a US wool product and it looks amazing.  I am a huge fan of anything Jared Flood does.  Any yarn designed by such a great knitter has to be special, right?  If you have not seen the blog posts about the making of this yarn with photos from the mill, you should.  The first post is here.  (This is the mill that makes Harrisville Shetland, another all time favorite yarn of mine.)

There are multiple reasons I do not own either of these yarns yet:

  1. I hate buying yarn on the internet.  I like to see the colors in person and touch the yarn before committing.
  2. I have a knitting project back-log that is huge and more yarn with no real plans too.
  3. The yarns seem really special and I want to have a project in mind ahead of buying so I can get the right amount in the right dye lot.  One skein would be fun but I think a sweaters worth would be much, much better.  I am still mulling over the pattern options.
  4. I am on a moderately strict yarn budget (see reason 2) and these two yarns are competing with each other.  I can’t seem to pick which one I want more.  Not the worst position to be in, but sometimes I am not good at making decisions.

I am not sure how soon but someday I will have some of these yarns to knit with and it will be awesome.


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