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Tidy Mind, Tidy Stitches

I am not an overly organized person.  I am not very neat either.  I would take pictures of my yarn and needle storage but my house is currently too messy to document (for fun we can pretend that it isn’t always that way.)

Yarn – I have a large cedar chest that stores almost all my yarn stash.  In general, each type of yarn is stored separately in clear gallon zip lock bags.  Balls that are singles or partial skeins will sometimes get put together in one bag.

Needles – I keep my knitting needles in a small plastic set of drawers.  The straight needles live together in one drawer and the circulars in another.  My best idea for needle storage was to include a needle gauge in the drawer with the circulars.  It is always on hand when looking for a certain needle size.  I have a lovely needle roll that Lora made me that stores all my double points.  The biggest key to needle organization is putting them back where they belong and I struggle with it.

The finished projects I keep organized on ravelry and here on the blog.

My favorite organizational tool is my knitting notebook.  I keep it with my knitting bag and write down patterns I design, notes on modifications to current projects and new pattern ideas/sketches.  It is really helpful to have records of my projects and I reference the information all the time.  Every once in a while I have a really hard time trying to interpret my notes but for the most part it is incredibly helpful.  I am actually on book two and find the graph paper lab notebooks to be the best.  I have a serious fondness for graph paper but it especially useful for knitting charts and drawings.



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